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12 October 2016 to 13 October 2016
Coventry, UK


Analytik will be exhibiting at the show. The company supplies analytical equipment, including hyperspectral and multispectral imaging, portable and handheld spectroscopy, photometric testing and nanoparticle sizing instrumentation. Analytik is the UK and Ireland partners of Headwall Photonics and Videometer.

Headwall Photonics provides holographic diffraction gratings for hyperspectral imaging, including remote sensing, advanced machine vision, earth observation satellites and military applications. Headwall’s instruments are compact, lightweight, robust and accurate to meet demanding spectral imaging applications.

Videometer’s VL4 multispectral imaging platform is designed for fast and accurate analysis of surface colour, texture, shape, size and chemical composition. Elegant hardware design and powerful software tools allow simple and repeatable setup, fast data cube acquisition, and practical analysis result outputs.


Casix will be also be exhibiting at the show. The company focuses on manufacturing high quality precision optical components and optical sub-assemblies for surveying, scanning and imaging applications. Casix offers singlet, cylindrical, achromatic and aspheric lenses, in N-BK7, fused silica (7980) and CaF2, with a number of coatings and finishes. It also designs, produces and tests optical-subassemblies for both European and Asian customers.

Princeton Instruments

Princeton Instruments will be presenting Sophia, a line of ultra-low-noise scientific cameras. Sophia integrates ultra-low-noise electronics, newly developed software and ArcTec thermoelectric cooling technology.

ArcTec makes use of extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, an all-metal hermetic vacuum design, and custom-developed Peltier devices to achieve high cooling performance and reliability. The speed and sensitivity of the Sophia series make these cameras ideal for low light level research applications as diverse as photometry, chemiluminescence, astronomy, in vivo small animal imaging, and spectroscopy. In order to facilitate soft x-ray detection, one of the camera variants, the Sophia-XO, uses no antireflective coatings and employs an open-nose design.

Stemmer Imaging

Stemmer Imaging will be showing its new hyperspectral imaging capabilities, along with a multi-camera packaging inspection system.

Hyperspectral imaging opens up innovative new inspection possibilities for machine vision users. The new Perception Studio software from Perception Park allows the identification and separation of ingredients and substances using hyperspectral data, which is not possible using conventional colour or monochrome imaging. Hyperspectral imaging has applications in industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, recycling, mining and wood processing, and for document inspection.

A multi-camera packaging inspection system will also be shown to determine print quality, read alphanumeric and barcode data and check fill-level as boxes pass underneath. This demonstration will show how cameras with different interfaces (USB3 Vision and GigE Vision) and varying resolutions can be combined to meet different inspection needs.