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LightPath Technologies introduces the Mantis uncooled multi-spectral camera

LightPath Technologies has introduced Mantis, the company's first multi-spectral infrared camera system.

Multi-spectral cameras allow users to reduce the number of cameras and lenses needed for infrared imaging.

Currently, users typically use uncooled longwave cameras (LWIR), and cooled midwave cameras (MWIR), the latter having high costs and shorter lifetime due to the complex cooling requirements.

LightPath’s uncooled multi-spectral camera images in both the midwave and longwave ranges simultaneously without needing a complicated, heavy and expensive cooling system. With fewer lenses and cameras, the thermal imaging solution's total cost, weight, and size is dramatically reduced.

LightPath’s President and CEO Sam Rubin stated, “Mantis represents a leap-forward in technology both for LightPath Technologies and for the market of thermal imaging. It also serves us as proof of our strategy to move up the value-chain to producing optical solutions, based on key differentiating technologies. The new, first of its kind camera leverages our proprietary Black Diamond glass materials and specifically is made possible through the use of the new materials we licensed last year from NRL. These materials enable the multi-spectral functionality and allow us to use our proprietary fabrication technologies and coatings to achieve the very broadband performance, in a small and light weight form factor.”


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