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New multispectral line scan camera reveals hidden features

Teledyne DALSA has released a new line scan camera that offers a 5GigE interface with five times the bandwidth of the Linea GigE.

The Linea2 4k Multispectral 5GigE camera simultaneously captures high-resolution RGB and near-infrared (NIR) multispectral images to reveal features that cannot be detected using visible lighting alone. 

According to Teledyne, this means the camera can identify hard-to-see defects, contaminants and security features in applications such as automated optical inspection, printing inspection, optical sorting systems, material grading inspection, and web inspection. 

The Linea2 is powered by Teledyne’s quadlinear CMOS sensor with a 4,096 x 4-pixel resolution and 7 x 7 μm pixel size. There are four sensor rows for red, green, blue, and NIR channels, with spectrally independent colour and NIR outputs for minimal crosstalk. 

Unlike prism-based cameras, the Linea2 does not require high-cost optical lenses, the firm says.


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