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AutoVimation launches new line-scan camera enclosures

AutoVimation has launched new lightweight Stingray enclosures for line-scan cameras. 

The enclosures feature cross sections up to 75mm x 75mm, which the firm says can accommodate line-scan cameras, as well as camera models that are too large for Orca-type enclosures, such as Allied Vision Bonito Pro or Flir A6xx thermal imaging cameras. 

AutoVimation offers BK7 or acrylic glasses up to ~2000nm and sapphire and germanium discs for sensors in the infrared wavelength range. Stingray enclosures come in three standard lengths and with different window options. 

The “flange” version can be used with a Meganova ring light, all Orca front lids, including the dome window, and 30mm and 60mm extensions for easy lens access. 

Thanks to the flexible Quick-Lock/Heat-Guide camera mount, autoVimation says, lenses can be positioned directly behind the enclosure window to avoid vignetting. 

Special front covers are available for time-of-flight cameras from IFM and Lucid and others. In addition to a high IP66 protection rating, autoVimation says, the anodised aluminium enclosures feature high chemical resistance, vibration-proof mounting and good heat dissipation, which ensures passive cooling of the installed camera. Both a 40-mm dovetail and a T-slot can be used for mounting. 


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