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Defence imaging goes next-gen with event-based SWIR camera

Quantum Imaging, a subsidiary of SCDUSA, has launched its event-based short wave infrared (SWIR) camera, the Mira 02Y-E. 

Designed for advanced, low SWaP-C applications, Mira 02Y-E can be integrated into various air platforms, missiles, vehicles, and hand-held devices to identify and detect hostile fire, and more. Mira 02Y-E features high frame rates and coded spot tracking (CST), alongside event-based imaging capabilities for a wide range of platforms.

The camera includes an InGaAs focal plane array with a pixel pitch of 10µm, improved background-independency enabling operation with highly-illuminated scenes, and a low noise imaging mode (LNIM) for low light level (LLL) imaging and improved situational awareness.

The ROIC imager technology also means Mira can offer an independent second stream of neuromorphic imaging for event detection. This reduces the amount of data communication while tracking ‘what changed in the scene’. 

Mira leverages the technology of Semi Conductor Devices' Swift-El detector, a low size weight and power (SWaP) and low-cost VGA format 10-micron pitch detector. 

“Now, for the first time, customers can benefit from a SWIR camera with built-in technology that can provide event analytics of numerous details," says Mark Fydenkevez, CEO of Quantum Imaging.

Quantum Imaging will launch Mira 02Y-E next week at the annual SPIE Defence and Commercial Sensing conference in Orlando.  


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