Vision Components

ANPR software

Vision Components has introduced a high-performance, hardware-independent OEM software package designed for integration into a wide range of surveillance systems

VCSBC6085 nano RH

Vision Components has developed the VCSBC6085 nano RH, an intelligent board camera for detecting very delicate structures in X-ray images with a 1,280 x 1,024 pixel resolution

Halcon Embedded

MVTec, an provider of machine vision software, has ported its Halcon Embedded software onto intelligent cameras from Vision Components

VCSBC Quadro

Machine vision specialist Vision Components has introduced the VCSBC Quadro, a board camera based on the established VC360

VC nano cube

Vision Components has refined its intelligent camera model VC nano cube, integrating a protective IP65 enclosure to house the remote camera head and a 12mm S-Mount lens

VC nano cube dual

Vision Components has introduced the VC nano cube dual, an intelligent stereo camera based on the VC nano cube line

VC360 camera

Vision Components has developed the VC360 camera, which offers 360° perimeter monitoring for security applications, such as people counting or tracking tasks, and is based on the VCSBC6210 nano intelligent single board camera

VC Smart Inspect

Vision Components has launched the VC Smart Inspect, an ultra-compact complete machine vision solution for a wide range of industrial applications


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