VCSBCnano Z-RH-2

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Featuring a very compact footprint, the VCSBCnano Z-RH-2 series of embedded cameras enable high-speed image processing in real time. Vision Components offers these ultra-small products for cost-sensitive OEM applications where installation space is limited.

The smart cameras are equipped with a Xilinx Zynq dual-core Cortex-A9 Arm processor clocked at 2 x 866MHz, which comes with an integrated FPGA running the VC Linux operating system. The miniature board dimensions of 40 x 65mm for the main board and 24 x 18mm for the sensor boards combined with custom installation and connection options facilitate a flexible integration into industrial or other applications, for instance high-speed and line scan camera applications.

Two external sensor boards connected to the CPU board via 30mm or 80mm ribbon cables (other lengths on request) enable stereo vision applications. Vision Components also provides models with an on-board sensor or single external sensor to give users maximum flexibility for machine or robot integration.

All VCSBCnano Z-RH-2 cameras feature 12 programmable inputs and outputs, an optically isolated trigger output, a flash trigger, Gigabit Ethernet interface, RS232 interface, and I²C interface. They are available with five different CMOS sensors with a global shutter that provide resolutions up to 4.2 megapixels. An optional IP67 case, either with or without integrated optics and lighting, ensures protection in harsh environments. For users seeking to fully exploit the performance potential of the hardware, Vision Components also offers an FPGA programming service which can accelerate processing speeds many times over.

Like all VC cameras, VCSBCnano Z series cameras come complete with the free VCLib software library, which provides more than 300 basic industrial image processing functions such as pattern matching.