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VC Z series smart cameras

Vision Components now supplies its small VC Z series smart cameras with more powerful CMOS sensors: Sony's IMX252 provides a 3.2 MP resolution (2048 x 1536 px) and captures 88 frames per second in this format. At lower resolutions, even higher speeds can be achieved. Like its predecessors in the same line, this new Pregius series sensor employs global-shutter technology. Users of previous-generation VC Z series cameras are very familiar with it and have come to appreciate its hands-on benefits over rolling shutters or CCDs: there is no bloom, smear, distortion, or overexposure in images captured with global shutter CMOS sensors. Despite its high resolution, the new sensor features a compact 1/1.8" footprint. It is housed on a 23 x 35 mm board and can be used with a wide range of lenses.

The compact design entails a small pixel size of only 3.45 µm, which is significantly smaller than the pixel of lower-resolution CMOS sensors. The image quality, however, does not suffer from this. Sony has compensated for the lower saturation capacity per pixel due to the smaller surface by technical optimization of the products: thanks to extremely low temporal dark noise and a wide dynamic range, they ensure very crisp, virtually noise-free pictures even under difficult ambient conditions with low light levels. VC Z series embedded vision systems are available with a standard housing or an IP67 protective housing and as PCB versions. The board cameras are highly suitable for integration in a wide range of industrial applications, with a line-up including cameras with an onboard sensor and others with one or two remote heads on separate PCBs. More sensors from Sony's Pregius series will be integrated into Vision Components products to give smart camera users superior image quality and fast video capturing at high resolutions.


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