Tichawa Vision

BoroCIS contact image sensor

Tichawa Vision now offers the industrial contact image sensor, BoroCIS, for internal inspection and optical quality control of the interior of tubes, pipes and bores

Reflections on glass making

Greg Blackman explores some novel ways of imaging glass, including a 3D technique to measure the flatness of glass panels

Tichawa Vision

Tichawa Vision (1H42) will present its Diamond contact image sensor (CIS) product family, which has a line rate of up to 1,000 kHz. The sensor has a pixel array with powerful signal pre-processing (correlated double sampling, plus on-chip linearisation) and around 1,000 ADC levels with suffixed serialisers. The sensor also has 17 LVDS drivers, each with 622Mb/s of aggregate data rates of over 10 Gbaud.

At web speeds of 21m/s the CIS achieves a resolution of 1,200dpi. The correlated double sampling gives a dynamic range of 60dB.


The industrial scanner streamlined for digital, inkjet and security printing has been equipped with new functions, which automatically recognise missing nozzles at a resolution of 1200 dpi

Stop press!

Greg Blackman examines the advances being made in software and imaging technology for inspecting webs of printed material

Not scratching the surface

Surfaces have a key role, stopping corrosion for one, and Rob Coppinger examines the latest solutions for inspecting this most important of features

On a different wavelength

Greg Blackman on how imaging in the infrared and ultraviolet, along with other non-visible parts of the spectrum, is being used to solve some unique inspection challenges

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