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Tichawa Vision opens manufacturing hall

Tichawa Vision opened a new manufacturing hall located in the district Lechhausen in Augsburg. Since the beginning of July, the high-tech company has been producing high-precision industrial scanners for industrial quality control on a surface area of roughly 650 square meters.

Rising sales figures made it necessary to relocate the manufacturing department, while Management, Sales and Development remain at the headquarters in Friedberg. By increasing the manufacturing area, Tichawa Vision is also increasing its productivity by 30 percent. The new facilities also offer more room for machines: Tichawa will from now on be able to manufacture 95 percent of its parts in-house.

All signs point towards expansion and growth. Tichawa’s Contact Image Sensors (CIS) are now more in demand than ever: Not only in Germany, but around the globe. Tichawa supplies high-precision high-tech camera systems „Made in Friedberg/Augsburg“ for the surface inspection of food products and blister packaging as well as products made of glass, wood, metal, plastics and ceramics which are individually manufactured for clients from countries including England, Italy, France, Israel or Japan. Proof of their products’ international acclaim became apparent when Tichawa Vision was accepting an award at the Automate 2017 in Chicago, the largest trade show for automation technology in North America. For its most recent flagship product, the VDCIS, Tichawa received the renowned „Innovators Award“ in Gold. Over 1.400 companies from all over the world competed for the award.

Shorter delivery times, increased productivity

„Our goal is to increase our revenue from the current 2,5 Million Euro to 10 Million Euros over the course of the next few years“, says Dr. Nikolaus Tichawa, CEO and founder of Tichawa Vision. The new manufacturing facilities and reinvested profits provide ideal conditions. „We are well on track. The quality of our products speaks for itself. In the past year, we have not had a single dust-related complaint,“ Tichawa reports. The company is never lacking new ideas and concepts for innovations. The tobacco industry and sorting materials for the separation of construction waste are additional areas of application.

„With our newly acquired CNC milling machine we can now produce 95 percent of all required parts ourselves and thereby reduce delivery times substantially. We are now in a position in which we can plan our orders with even more precision and supply our clients even faster with our products“, explains Tichawa. „Up till now, most parts had to be manufactured externally. Thanks to the in-house production, we not only save time, but also high expenses.“

How it all began

In 1991, the doctor of physics and his wife Christine, a software developer and co-CEO of Tichawa Vision began developing and manufacturing camera technology for industrial uses. Today, Tichawa employs a staff of 25. During his opening speech, Nikolaus Tichawa addressed his employees to extend his special thanks and gratitude to them. „Without the wonderful support of my wife and family, Tichawa Vision would not be where it is today. And I am convinced that we will achieve many milestones with such a competent and innovative team.“


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