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RingCIS contact image sensor

It was not long ago that Tichawa Vision in Friedberg brought a world novelty to the international market with the BoroCIS. Now, within a very short time, another sensation follows. With the RingCIS, a unique sensor ring from the ‘CIS-Profile-Scan’ product family is on the market, which revolutionises the quality assurance of the outer sides of tubes, profiles and pipes. As a result, the smallest scratches, cracks and other defects of test objects can be crystallised. The industrial scanner detects 100 per cent defective products in a 360° all-round view. This innovation not only protects companies from complaints and liability cases, but also leads directly to higher customer satisfaction.

The RingCIS, further developed by Tichawa Vision from linear CIS systems, scans round and rectangular tubes, profiles and pipes from the outside. Transport speeds of up to 600 metres per minute can be achieved. Likewise, the sensor geometry can be adapted to the different fixed or variable diameters of the profile shapes. The centering of the RingCIS adjusts automatically accordingly. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain images with resolutions of up to 600 dpi (dots per inch), corresponding to a pixel size of 0.04 mm. In comparison, a UHD 4K resolution offers 140 dpi. Due to the in-house design, error and interference-free imaging is guaranteed even under very harsh production conditions. Users have the choice of black and white monochrome or colour RGB imaging. The RingCIS is also available in a separable version for easy installation in the production line of glass, for example.

"Based on an 8-camera system and our patented stitching process, RingCIS uses production-induced movement to scan the complete circumference of an elongated test object. The image data generated is available to users in the standardised camera link format. With its seamless 100 per cent inspection, the RingCIS reliably detects all defects and protects companies from recalls and the resulting liability consequences," says Dr Nikolaus Tichawa, Managing Director of Tichawa Vision GmbH.

Just recently, Tichawa Vision introduced the BoroCIS for the internal inspection of tubes, pipes and profiles. The two complement each other perfectly.

All-in-one solutions

Tichawa Vision's Contact Image Sensors (CIS) have established themselves in the international market as an alternative to conventional line scan cameras as industrial scanners for demanding inspection tasks. Consisting of a reading line, optics and light source, CIS are used in applications requiring high accuracy. Based on the low-distance image sensor technology, Tichawa Vision is continuously developing its contact image sensors. The extensive product portfolio offers suitable solutions for a wide range of applications. With the all-in-one concept, customer-specific requirements can be implemented individually and innovatively.


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