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Metal heads

Vision systems are used throughout various metal processing tasks, from pressing aluminium parts to automotive welding all the way to shredding scrap metal, as Rob Coppinger discovers

Capturing a new vision for transportation management and control

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In an effort to stay ahead of the ever increasing demands of managing and controlling the world’s vast network of roads, the vehicles that use them, and the people that rely on them, transportation systems specialist are turning to computer vision for help. There are numerous software and hardware considerations that need to be considered when deploying a vision system for transportation applications. This Teledyne Dalsa white paper will focus on camera selection and matching camera requirements to various transportation computer vision applications.

Does this scan?

Greg Blackman on the latest developments in line scan camera technology

Piranha HS NIR 8k camera

Teledyne Dalsa has introduced the Piranha HS NIR 8k camera. Featuring improved sensitivity in near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, the camera benefits from time delay and integration (TDI) technology

Xcelera-CL VX4 and Sapera APF

Teledyne Dalsa has introduced its user programmable real-time image processing platform. The Xcelera-CL VX4 and Sapera APF deliver a powerful FPGA-based vision processor and integrated graphical FPGA development environment

Boa Pro smart camera

Teledyne Dalsa has launched its Boa Pro smart camera. The camera is a compact industrial vision solution incorporating Sherlock inspection software with diverse applicability across all manufacturing industries


Teledyne Dalsa has released its Falcon2 high performance area scan camera series

Icon camera series

Teledyne Dalsa has introduced its Icon user programmable camera series for embedded image processing applications


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