Silicon Software

GigE Vision-based camera systems

In collaboration with Pleora Technologies and Framos, Silicon Software now offers tailored components and engineering services to develop GigE Vision-based camera systems with embedded programmable image processing functions

microEnable IV AD4-CL

Silicon Software has introduced microEnable IV AD4-CL, a Camera Link frame grabber with support for two independent Base configurations and one 10taps Full configuration camera.


Silicon Software has released SmartApplets hardware programming as a partial solution for applications for its V-series frame grabbers.

Visual Applets 1.2

Silicon Software has added around 100 new operators to its VisualApplets software for graphical FPGA programming. Version 1.2 includes extensions of the graphic interface and the functional libraries.

microEnable IV-Full x1

Silicon Software has released a new frame grabber. The microEnable IV-Full x1 supports all Camera Link cameras on the market, and was designed to process huge amounts of image data.


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