microEnable IV AD4-CL

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Silicon Software has introduced microEnable IV AD4-CL, a Camera Link frame grabber with support for two independent Base configurations and one 10taps Full configuration camera. Besides support for all available sensor types, a wide range of real-time preprocessing functions for image corrections and enhancements are implemented. microEnable IV AD4-CL is equipped with a x4 PCI Express interface and supports a sustainable transfer rate of up to 780MB/s.

In parallel to the release, Silicon Software has reorganised its frame grabber product line, with the new A- and V-series addressing different customers.

While the A-series is focused on a powerful and reliable image acquisition with integrated image correction and image enhancement features, the V-series also supports programmability and partial solutions for applications. Therefore the frame grabbers of the V-series include VisualApplets and support the SmartApplet series.

The frame grabber product line covers PCI as well as PCI Express interfaces, supports Camera Link, PoCL, and Gigabit Ethernet.