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Visual Applets 1.2

Silicon Software has added around 100 new operators to its VisualApplets software for graphical FPGA programming.

Version 1.2 includes extensions of the graphic user interface and the functional libraries. Users that extensively use complex image processing designs can now make use of an extended interface for the design space and the project administration.

Operators for image corrections and enhancements, synchronisation and filters have all been added. Two new image-processing libraries have been implemented. The first library covers operators for the statistic processing of images and can be used for measuring applications with 3D laser triangulation method. Centre of gravity determinations or integrals can be processed in sub-pixel accuracy without any time delay.

The second library covers signal-processing operators. Individual trigger interfaces or a general IO data interface can be designed and an SPS interface or real-time machine control can be realised very quickly.

Version 1.2 also supports the PCIe-based microEnable IV frame grabbers and PixelPlant coprocessors.


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