The new TriSpector1000 is SICK's first 3D stand-alone sensor, which, thanks to its simple configuration, can carry out inspection tasks without any programming

Pills packaged to perfection

Greg Blackman looks at where vision technology is used on pharma packaging lines, from blister pack inspection to track-and-trace

V300 infrared vision camera

Offering a convenient and reliable Type 3 alternative to a safety guard light curtain in production and warehouse environments, the V300 infra-red vision camera has been launched by SICK UK

ScanningRuler 3D camera

Vision-guided robot picking applications can be made more productive and cost-effective with the launch of the ScanningRuler, an advanced new 3D camera solution from SICK UK


The ScanningRuler is a newly released 3D camera from Sick. It is designed to help increase the productivity of vision-guided robotics applications

Inspect, eat, drink, and be merry

Rob Coppinger looks at the imaging equipment used on food-processing lines, including hyperspectral systems for classifying fruit and veg, and 3D vision for measuring baked goods

Inspector PIM60

The new Inspector PIM60 vision sensor from Sick aims to offer high-speed part inspection, position detection and in addition intelligent measuring functions plus a flexible web server

Adding a splash of colour

Rob Coppinger investigates what it takes to make an accurate colour reading, from software calibration to the colour sensors used

MultiLine and W27-3 MultiPac sensors

Sick has introduced the MultiLine sensor, which provides a stable and continuous detection signal from the leading to the trailing edge of a product, even when surfaces are glossy, flat or contoured


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