Resolve Optics

FOV Calc app

Resolve Optics has developed an easy-to-use iPhone application (App) that simplifies lens field of view (FOV) calculations

Model 228 lens

Resolve Optics has released its Model 228 lens, providing high performance in both the UV and visible wavebands

Model 290 zoom lens

Resolve Optics has released a longer focal length version (24-144mm) of its Model 290 radiation resistant zoom lens

One-inch format non-browning zoom lenses

Due to increased interest in radiation resistant zoom lenses for one-inch (16mm diagonal) format cameras, Resolve Optics has introduced variants of its non-browning zoom lenses that have been adapted to suit this larger format

Fixed focus germanium lenses

Resolve Optics has introduced a new range of fixed focus germanium lenses with antireflective coatings that provide high performance throughout the infrared (IR) waveband

Model 305 fixed focus non-browning lens

Resolve Optics has released the Model 305 fixed focus non-browning lens, designed to provide excellent performance with large image format cameras and sensors used in environments subject to radiation

F-Mount periscope

A ruggedised F-Mount periscope from Resolve Optics has been developed for a high-speed ballistic range camera from Specialised Imaging


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