Resolve Optics

Non-browning lenses

Resolve Optics has expanded its range of fixed focus non-browning lenses for close-up inspection tasks in high radiation environments

SWIR lenses

Resolve Optics has announced focus corrected SWIR lenses that benefit from a novel design that maintains maximum performance throughout the short wavelength infrared spectral range without the need for refocusing

Model 346

The new Model 346 non-browning lens from Resolve Optics has been designed to operate with colour sensors in areas subject to radiation

The Model 230

The Model 230 Covert Surveillance Lens from Resolve Optics has been released and designed for use with 7mm diameter remote head cameras.

Model 320 IR lens

Resolve Optics has introduced the Model 320 fixed focus IR lens, which is offered in a choice of 40, 80 or 120mm focal lengths

Z10 HD mini zoom lens

Resolve Optics' ultra compact Z10 HD mini zoom lens has been designed to complement small profile HD cameras such as those offered by Toshiba, Iconix, Indie and others


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