Lessons in training neural nets

Limited data is a common problem when training CNNs in industrial imaging applications. Petra Thanner and Daniel Soukup, from the Austrian Institute of Technology, discuss ways of working with CNNs when data is scarce


Photoneo will exhibit its MotionCam-3D camera, which won the 2018 Vision award at the Vision trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. CTO, Tomas Kovacovsky, will give a presentation about the area-based 3D camera, designed for sensing in rapid motion and at high accuracy.


Photoneo (booth 8168) will demonstrate a robot cell run by the Bin Picking Studio

Photoneo, s.r.o.

Photoneo develops unique state-of-the-art 3D vision systems for advancing automation. Its versatile and easy to use products include the world's highest resolution and highest accuracy area-based PhoXi 3D Camera; award-winning PhoXi 3D Scanner family known for its high resolution, speed, and unbeatable performance in terms of noise and overall efficiency; comprehensive end-to-end Bin Picking solutions; and autonomous mobile robot Phollower 100.


Photoneo (1I45) will showcase its newly launched PhoXi 3D camera for scanning in rapid motion, at high resolution and high accuracy.

The company will show three exhibits with PhoXi 3D scanners: AI-based quality inspection; automated 3D model creation; and AI-driven AnyPick, for picking almost any type of objects from 1 x 1cm, with a large depth of field, ambient light suppression, and 300-500 picks per hour, ideal for e-commerce and logistics.


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