PI 450i infrared camera

Optris has launched a system based on the current version of the PI 450i infrared camera, which has an optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels

Optris Xi Series

Optris has announced the launch of its Optris Xi series of compact spot finder Infrared Cameras, a fusion between a robust compact Pyrometer and an advanced Infrared Camera

Optris PI NetBox

The optris PI NetBox - the new mini PC by Optris - is markedly more powerful than its predecessor

PI NetBox

Optris has launched the PI NetBox, a miniature PC for the PI series of infrared cameras

PI LightWeight

Optris' newest system, Optris PI LightWeight, has been specially developed for deployment in micro drones to measure temperatures from the air

Optris PI thermal imager

Optris has introduced the second generation of its Optris PI thermal imager. The camera is based on a new, small detector providing 160 x 120 pixel resolution

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