Pixelink supplies camera technology to NASA

Pixelink has announced that they have been chosen in conjunction with Deep Space Systems, an engineering services firm with expertise in human and robotic exploration spacecraft design, to supply Pixelink camera technology to NASA

Navitar forms sensor integration business unit

Navitar has formed a sensor integration business unit at its Rochester, New York facility dedicated to increasing the firm’s capabilities to support applications such as VR cameras, autonomous vehicles, drones and surveillance systems

MagniStar telecentric lenses

Navitar has released its MagniStar telecentric lenses. The line includes six C-mount bi-telecentric lenses with built-in adjustable iris, designed specifically for measurement and inspection applications that require extreme precision

Dual view imaging system

Navitar has introduced a versatile dual view imaging system, allowing customers to simultaneously view a single subject and capture an image at multiple fields of view (FOV)


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