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Pixelink PL-D series with WinROOF2018 image analysis software

Pixelink, a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and microscopy markets, is pleased to announce the integration of WinROOF2018 image analysis and measurement software, with the Pixelink PL-D series of U3V Vision compliant cameras.

WinROOF2018, by Japanese firm, Mitani Corporation, offers industrial and life science users advanced image analysis, measurement, correction, processing and AI functionality of any type of image. The software’s unique separation technology allows for cell, granularity, and metal crystal analysis to be performed, and its automatic processing helps to increase efficiency. Human error is reduced as well with an instrumentation assist function.

“In response to Pixelink dealer and customer requests, particularly those located in Asia, we are pleased to include Mitani’s advanced image processing software in our line-up of compatible third-party U3V applications,” comments Lisanne Glavin, General Manager of Pixelink.

Additional Pixelink software integration partners include: 

• HALCON from MVTec Software
• LabVIEW from National Instruments
• MATLAB® and Simulink® from Mathworks
• Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) from Matrox Imaging
• Micro-Manager (µManager) open source
• NIS-Elements from Nikon Metrology
• StreamPix from NORPIX
• Petrog by Conwy Valley Systems (Petrography analysis tool)

Pixelink’s Software Development Kit (SDK), with full access to the Application Programming Interface (API), including sample application source code, simplifies integration of Pixelink cameras into customer applications.


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