Dual view imaging system

Navitar has introduced a versatile dual view imaging system, allowing customers to simultaneously view a single subject and capture an image at multiple fields of view (FOV)

OptiStar lenses

Navitar, a manufacturer of precision optical and electro-optic systems, has introduced OptiStar lenses designed and optimised specifically to meet the latest advancements in SWIR technology

Optical Wizard 2.0

Navitar, a supplier of high magnification imaging optics for machine vision and biomedical applications, has launched its second generation interactive online lens selector tool, the Optical Wizard 2.0.

Raptar lens

Navitar, a manufacturer of precision optical and opto-electronic systems, has introduced its 50mm large format machine vision lens, ideal for use with full frame 11 and 16 Megapixel sensors

2009 product catalogue

Navitar, a global provider of imaging optics technology, has released its 2009 product catalogue featuring a full line of optical solutions


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