Multipix Imaging


Multipix Imaging supplies and supports MVTec's software product Halcon, which is ideal for a large variety of application areas, including the semiconductor industry, inspection applications, medicine, and surveillance.

Iport NTx-Mini in-camera IP Engine

The Iport NTx-Mini in-camera IP Engine, from Multipix Imaging, provides a flexible and cost-effective way for camera companies to integrate Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connectivity into almost any industrial camera.

Scout series

Multipix Imaging now supplies Basler's expanded Scout series. The four camera models are based on Sony's high sensitivity ICX285 CCD sensor and feature a 30fps per second image capture rate.

ProgRes C7

The ProgRes C7 from Jenoptik, equipped with instantaneous SXGA live image, mechanical shutter and 7 Megapixel CCD sensor, records even the tiniest specimen structures in a precise and detailed fashion.


MultiPix Imaging supplies a wide variety of lighting, lenses, cables and accessories suitable for all vision systems. A range of LED lighting from IMAC is part of its latest available products.

In-Sight Micro

Multipix Imaging now supplies Cognex Micro In-sight vision sensors. These latest sensors include five models covering a range of price, performance and resolutions.

Videology 21B44

MultiPix Imaging has launched the Videology 21B44, a 14 x 14mm CMOS VGA colour board camera suitable for applications in security, industrial and environmentally demanding OEM markets.


MultiPix has launched the Jenoptik IR-TCM640 uncooled OEM IR camera module, which has a 640x480 pixel resolution for infrared images.


The Runner series features seven models with up to 2k pixels in monochrome or colour, 1024 or 2098 pixels and a range of line rates up to 59kHz.


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