Matrox Imaging


Matrox Imaging has released an industrial IP67-rated camera for machine vision applications: Matrox GatorEye

Matrox Radient eCL

Matrox Imaging has introduced the Matrox Radient eCL, a high-performance Camera Link frame grabber with an Altera Stratix III processing FPGA.

Matrox Iris GT

Matrox Imaging has added a higher-resolution sensor to its line of Matrox Iris GT smart cameras.

Matrox Supersight e2

Matrox Imaging has launched its high-performance computing (HPC) platform for industrial imaging: Matrox Supersight e2.

4Sight XB

Matrox Imaging has introduced the Matrox 4Sight XB, an industrial and medical imaging platform and the newest member of the Matrox 4Sight family of embedded systems.

Matrox Iris GT

Matrox Imaging has introduced the Matrox Iris GT, a smart camera designed for harsh environments and suited to industrial applications.

Looking to a colourful future

Colour inspection on the factory floor is finally coming of age, 147 years after the first colour image was taken. David Robson investigates why it took so long, and how machine vision suppliers are making up for lost time

China - opportunity or threat?

In the vision industry - as in many others at the moment - there is much talk about China, both as a market for Western products, and also as a competitor in the manufacture of those products, as Warren Clark discovers


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