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Matrox Design Assistant 2.0

Matrox Imaging has announced Matrox Design Assistant 2.0, a new version of the intuitive, flowchart-based software package for the Matrox Iris E-Series smart camera.

The software allows users to create flowcharts of their applications with steps for image processing (arithmetic, filtering, geometric transformations, logic, LUT mapping, morphology, thresholding, etc.), blob analysis, pattern recognition based on normalised greyscale correlation, and reading character strings. In conjunction with the steps available in 1.0 (CodeReader, Edge Locator, IntesityChecker, Metrology and ModelFinder), Matrox Design Assistant 2.0 offers all required vision tools for most applications. Also supported are both Ethernet/IP and Modbus over TCP/IP to interact with PLCs and other process automation equipment. An SDK that allows users to add specific custom functionality is supplied.

In the Matrox Design Assistant environment, users can create a flowchart of the application that instructs the Matrox Iris E-Series camera to capture, process, analyse, and display image data. The intuitive nature of the Matrox Iris E-Series with Design Assistant eliminates the need for programming and scripting. Users benefit from simplified application development that offers the same reliability and robustness as the field-proven Matrox Imaging Library. The development environment is fully self-contained for both application development and deployment, and the integrated HTML editor and layout tool gives users the flexibility to create a custom web-based operator view for monitoring the application.


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