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Matrox Solios eV-CL and Solios eM-CL

Matrox Imaging has launched Matrox Solios eV-CL and Matrox Solios eM-CL, the latest members of the Matrox Solios frame grabber family.

Matrox Solios eV-CL and Matrox Solios eM-CL are cost-effective Camera Link frame grabbers for the PCI Express desktop and PCI/104-Express embedded form factors respectively. Both models provide connectivity to high-performance multi-megapixel area and line scan Camera Link cameras. They are available for either dual independent base or single medium/full configurations, with support for up to 10-taps at 85MHz. Both formats simplify cabling with support for PoCL using the SafePower implementation.

An extensive set of general purpose inputs and outputs (GPIOs) synchronise image acquisition with external events (i.e. triggers and strobes) and communicate with process automation devices. Onboard image reconstruction, look-up tables (LUTs) and Bayer conversion offload laborious pre-processing tasks, allowing the host processor to concentrate on image analytics.

Matrox Solios eM-CL is available on its own or as an optional module for use within the Matrox 4Sight X embedded system.

Software support is available for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista and Linux, and consists of the hardware-independent Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)/ActiveMIL or MIL-Lite/ActiveMIL-Lite development toolkits for creating custom applications.


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