Isra Vision

APS3D sensor

Isra Vision has released a new 3D sensor for shape measurement for high-precision quality control

IntelliPICK sensors

IntelliPICK is the new and extended sensor generation following the market proven robot vision product line SHAPESCAN3D


As “Touch & Automate” is developed further, two established 2½D- and 3D-sensors will now be equipped with embedded technology to enable adaptable sensor technology with WiFi and on-board processing power


ISRA's bin picking solution has proved its worth in a wide variety of applications. Even the most complex parts geometries can be reliably captured and picked up by the robot vision sensor SHAPESCAN3D.

Mono systems

Pick and Place-tasks with the aid of robots require an economic solution to safely determine the position and location of parts.


With Screenscan-RD (Reflected Distortion) offered by Isra Vision, it is now possible for the first time ever to objectively assess the reflection quality of curved automotive glass


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