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uEye cameras with ICX-445 sensor

IDS Imaging Development Systems has introduced the ICX-445 CCD sensor from Sony for a selection of its uEye camera models. The 1/3-inch sensor with a resolution of 1,280 x 960 pixels combines a very high frame rate with outstanding light sensitivity. Particularly in the near-infrared range, the sensor is sensitive and thus ideal for use in industrial manufacturing environments and traffic surveillance.

The ICX-445 sensor is available in colour and monochrome versions for the USB cameras of the SE series with standard housing, for the RE series in IP65/67 design, and for all GigE models. Compared with the proven ICX-205 half-inch version, the new sensor provides about twice the sensitivity and up to double the frame rate.

Cameras with USB interface can acquire up to 25fps, while the GigE uEye SE and the robust IP65/67-rated GigE uEye RE cameras deliver up to 28fps. IDS's GigE UI-6140-HE achieves frame rates up to 40fps.

All camera models fitted with the ICX-445 sensor are supported by driver version 3.60 and higher. The latest software package can be downloaded for free from IDS's website. The package features an extensive programming library and standard interfaces, such as DirectShow and GenICam. Also included are an easy-to-use viewer application, a camera management tool and sample programs with source code.


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