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The EyeVBox systems by EVT are specially designed to create image processing solutions. The EyeVBox II offers an Intel® AtomTM processor as well as 4 USB2.0 interfaces at the back and 2 USB2.0 interfaces at the front for USB 2.0 cameras but also interfaces such as DVI-I and HDMI are available.

The processors feature low power consumption from the embedded or laptop area. Therefore the EyeVBox II does not need a fan and can be operated passively cooled. So the EyeVBox II is not only suitable for the clean room but also for rough environments such as areas where the dust and dirt are afflicting the filter or where those particles are seeping into the processor, which can lead to a short circuit and consequently to a loss of production. With the EyeVBox II dust and dirt are easy to handle.

The EyeVBox II is not only equipped with a Windows 8 or optionally a Linux operating system, but also with the EyeVision image processing software.

Via an additional sorting module of the I/O system, it is possible to side track a unit from the production line such as in the bottle filling production or on a rotary plate. For this purpose a output can be interfaced onto a trigger input. With the sorting module an inspection order is generated and the corresponding result is registered for each trigger. And if then the component part is passing the ejection position, the corresponding output is triggered in dependency on the result in the order register.

The EyeVBox systems are equipped with an extremely powerful hardware, which is best perfected with the EyeVision image processing software. Because with the EyeVision Software the inspection programs for the image evaluation are created by drag-and-drop function, which makes the software easy to handle. The powerful command set includes commands for measurement technology and object detection as well as color inspection and code reading (DMC, bar code, QR). A trial version can be downloaded from the EVT homepage. Therefore it is possible to try out the software on the application beforehand and even without the EyeVBox system.


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