EyeCheck Thermo 400

EVT presents the new EyeCheck Thermo 400. This is an intelligent thermal imaging camera with a microbolometer sensor for detecting infrared radiation between 8 and 14 µm

EyeVBox V

The compact model - EyeVBox V - is without fan and is available in protection classes IP65 and IP67


For mounting cameras, vision sensors, mini-PC, displays and lighting for machine vision, EVT presents now EyeMount

EyeCheck 9000

The new smart camera, EyeCheck 9000, by EVT is available as complete system with integrated EyeVision image processing software or as OEM version

EyeCheck Thermo

EVT has developed EyeCheck Thermo, an intelligent thermography camera based on the same camera technology featured in the SAITIS-640 IR-Camera by DST Control, and coupled with EVT software


EVT has introduced the Raze integration platform for machine vision solutions


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