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EyeVision from EVT now supports the EyeScan ML 3D scanner. The image processing software EyeVision contains special 3D commands, which can not only capture an image but also can convert them into 2 ½ D images and can generate and evaluate 16-Bit point clouds.

The EyeVision software is a graphically programmable machine vision software to solve measurement and inspection tasks.

The EyeScan ML 3D has to offer an accurate z-resolution of up to 0,0025 mm and an also accurate x-resolution of up to 0,021 mm. With 6000 Hz, the output rate is really fast.

The ML scanner is a lasertriangulation sensor for scanning profiles and for applications such as solder paste inspection, gap inspection, profile measurement, evaluation of thickness, width measurement, fill level evaluation, etc.

As for example to solder pipelines, where long steel stripes are pressed into a pipe and the gap is soldered. With the EyeScan ML 3D a scan line is created across the solder line and with the EyeVision 3D software the scanner data is evaluated and sent to the motor control unit.

EVT has also released the MCT3D (Metric Calibration Tool) for a 3D scanner. The tool is available not only for the EyeVision 3D programming software, but also as stand-alone Lib, which can be integrated into a C++ application.

When using the MCT3D with the EyeVision software, the calibration function is integrated into the image capture layer EVHD VIC 3D (EyeVision Virtual Hardware Devide). It is therefore easy to generate calibration values with the calibration tool. And the important benefit is that all point clouds are calibrated when the image is captured.

Alternatively with the calibration tool it is possible to transfer the calibration data to the EVT MCT3D. And the library is available for operating systems such as Windows and Linux, for x86 and ARM platforms alike. 

Elsewhere, EyeVision 3.2 image processing software by EVT is now also available for the EyeSpector Z series. The smart camera contains the Standard version of the software, but the command set can be extended to contain more commands according to the needs of the customer.

The hardware features of the EyeSpector Z series are for example 1/4“ and 1/1.8“ CMOS sensors and a frame rate of up to 120 fps. There are 5 different CMOS sensors available for the customer, such as from CMOSIS, Aptina or e2v. Concerning the resolution it ranges from 752 x 480 pixel to 1920 x 1200 pixel.

The smart camera runs with a Linux operating system and besides the integrated FPGA it offers a dual-core ARM with 2 x 866 MHz.

Finally, EyeVision now supports the digital microscope Dino-Lite, ideal for machine vision, along with the time-of-flight camera from Basler.

The Dino-Lite Edge microscope with 5 Megapixel is especially designed for quality inspection for example board assembly, printing on paper, textile, etc, or in the surveillance of production steps of milling, molding and drilling, inspection of surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic.


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