EyeCheck and EyeSens cameras support OPC UA

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EyeCheck smart cameras and EyeSens vision sensors by EVT are now supporting OPC UA, which is a secure, open, reliable mechanism for transferring information between servers and clients. It provides open transports, security and a complete information model. OPC UA provides a very flexible and adaptable mechanism for moving data between enterprise-type systems and the kinds of controls, monitoring devices and sensors that interact with real world data.

The OPC standard allows the cameras and the EyeVision image processing software to act as an OPC server. Therefore detected data such as measured values are now easily sent to a client. The user can determine, which data should be sent with the standard interfaces (RS232 or Ethernet) of the vision sensor to the OPC client. With this the requirements for the integration into SCADA are fulfilled.

OPC UA uses scalable platforms, multiple security models, multiple transport layers and a sophisticated information model to allow the smallest dedicated controller to freely interact with complex, high-end server applications. OPC UA can communicate anything from simple downtime status to massive amounts of highly complex plant-wide information.

With OPC UA an integration of image processing components such as smart cameras and vision sensors by EVT, into the automation world will become simpler in the future. Control integrated image processing is just one part of the automation under the title „Industry 4.0“.