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VisionPro Surface v2.1

Cognex has launched version 2.1 of VisionPro Surface inspection software for flat products. This release expands the capabilities of VisionPro Surface from defect detection and classification on continuous products to automated inspection of sheeted products and gauging of crossweb and downweb features on both continuous and sheeted products.

VisionPro Surface is an easy-to-use, self-learning inspection and gauging software that is used to find critical surface defects that affect product quality or process efficiency. Unlike traditional surface inspection technologies that use signal processing to detect defects, the software works by monitoring the visual appearance of the material.

The easy-to-use setup tools and visual user interface enable users at all levels to automatically inspect their products. The advanced defect detection tools, classification algorithms, and gauging tools enable users to address a broad variety of flat product inspection applications.

Version 2.1 of the software now offers four different platforms that can be selected depending on the application, including the new VisionPro Surface Sheeting.


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