Inspect, eat, drink, and be merry

Rob Coppinger looks at the imaging equipment used on food-processing lines, including hyperspectral systems for classifying fruit and veg, and 3D vision for measuring baked goods


Aqsense (Girona, Spain) has released its 3DExpress product, a 3D pre-processing software package for machine vision applications

Programming with ease

Greg Blackman looks at the options for high-throughput image processing, including FPGAs and multicore processors, and finds out what unites development in all software packages is ease of use

Not scratching the surface

Surfaces have a key role, stopping corrosion for one, and Rob Coppinger examines the latest solutions for inspecting this most important of features


Aqsense has released a new version of its SAL3D 3D vision software

CAD import tool

Aqsense has released a CAD import tool as a module of the SAL3D library that allows any user to generate a cloud-of-points from a CAD file easily

SAL3D Area Tool

Aqsense has introduced a new module as part of its SAL3D 3D vision software library. The Area Tool automatically determines the volume of scanned objects at high speeds

Seen from all sides

Coupling vision with a robot can make for a flexible inspection system. Greg Blackman investigates some areas where robotic systems incorporating imaging are finding a use


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