Aqsense (Girona, Spain) has released its 3DExpress product, a 3D pre-processing software package for machine vision applications which includes graphical assistance for the configuration and debugging of 3D laser acquisition systems.

In line with Aqsense’s tools for 3D inspection, 3DExpress was developed to cover the space between the SAL3D library and the 3D Machine Vision Library (3DMVL) for NI LabView, a programming-free software package for fast and easy development of 3D applications.

3DExpress provides an easy graphic step-by-step system to acquire the signal coming from any source (2D camera or 3D camera), obtain its 3D representation, manipulate the point cloud, and export the results to be further processed with standard 2D analysis tools.

Thanks to its fast core based on SAL3D processing power, 3DExpress performs all the complex 3D tasks leaving the user to carry out the final 2D processing.

Placed between the sensor and the 2D analysis tool, 3DExpress acts like a server which takes images from the camera, processes them and delivers the results.


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