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SAL3D support for Mesa Imaging cameras

Aqsense's library for cloud of points acquisition and manipulation, SAL3D, now supports Mesa's leading 3D time-of-flight (TOF) cameras. With this inclusion, SAL3D library broadens its array of supported systems, which already contained cameras from IDS, Automation Technology, Ximea, Point Grey and frame grabbers from Silicon Software, Dalsa, BitFlow, Matrox and ImperX.

With the SR4000, Mesa Imaging offers a product line of industrial grade 3D cameras, based on proprietary TOF image sensor and camera technology. SR4000 cameras are known for their excellent accuracy, long-term stability and reliability. They are used in diverse applications, such as automatic cow milking, volume measurement, people detection/counting, or for control of automatic guided vehicles.

The use of Aqsense's library together with Mesa's award-winning technology will open new possibilities to OEM's, machine builders and system integrators enabling the use of SAL3D capabilities on compact, light robust systems.


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