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Aqsense has released a new version of its SAL3D 3D vision software. The latest version includes the Angular Calibration tool, a module allowing an easy calibration system for rotating camera-laser systems; the lens distortion add-on for metric and angular metric calibration; the Area Tool, a new module which can be used to compute the volume of a scanned object; the Geometric Tool, providing functions such as plane fitting, planarity checking or angle measuring by means of a single dot product; and the Integrator Tool, permitting the creation of a single mesh from multiple cloud-of-points.

Not only have these new modules been added, but SAL3D also offers new features and improvements in order to keep providing a state-of-the-art, flexible library. These include new modules to take advantage of multi-core processors; more drivers for frame grabbers and USB cameras; export tools to PLY 3D file formats; enhanced help documentation; examples demonstrating how to combine SAL3D with third-party libraries such as Halcon, MIL or OpenCV; and a viewer module, which can be used during development and debugging.


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