Aicon 3D Systems

MI.Probe Mini

Aicon has released the MI.Probe mini, developed for measurements with the stereoScan, a Breuckmann 3D scanner

MoveInspect XR

Aicon has released the portable measuring system MoveInspect XR, which can handle large measuring volumes

DPA welded studs measuring system

Specialised for automotive manufacture, Aicon's engineers have developed the DPA welded studs measuring system: an efficient solution for the determination of position of welded studs in vehicle body framework


Aicon has introduced ScanReference, a measuring system enabling a fast and simple measurement of reference points

TubeInspect software version 4.7

Aicon has launched software version 4.7 for its optical tube measuring system TubeInspect. With the new version of the software the operator can simulate the bending process


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