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ZQ2 laser illumination range

Stemmer Imaging can now offer the ZQ2 range of laser illumination sources from Z-Laser. Models are available over a range of wavelengths from red (639 to 690nm) to infrared (785 to 1,064nm), together with a wide range of optics and communication interface options including RS232, USB or Ethernet.

The integrated electronics offer a modulation of up to 10kHz, configurable via an external TTL trigger or via software. The ZQ2 lasers can be manually focussed within a range of 50mm to 10,000mm. A variety of DOEs (diffractive optical elements) are available for the laser, including single lines or crosses, parallel lines, dotted lines, dot matrices, squares, circles or concentric circles.

Further features include active control of output intensity (APC), active control of laser temperature, possible internal storage of operating parameters such as temperature or operating hours, and an optional graphical user interface for operation of the lasers using a PC.


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