VNP-29MC Camera Link cameras

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Stemmer Imaging now supplies VNP-29MC Camera Link cameras from Vieworks. The cameras use pixel shift technology to offer an extended resolution of 260 million pixels for ultra high resolution applications. These versatile cameras also deliver 29 megapixel resolution at a high frame rate of 5fps under standard operation.

The VNP-29MC sensors are thermo-electric Peltier (TEC) cooled for improved sensitivity. The TEC maintains the operating temperature of the 6,576 x 4,384 pixel CCD up to 15°C below ambient. This provides extremely stable operating conditions, reducing noise and enabling exposure for a long period of time or at higher gain levels to increase camera sensitivity. This makes the cameras ideally suited to low light or low contrast level or non-uniform brightness industrial applications, such as flat panel display inspection and microscopy.

Available in colour and monochrome versions, the cameras feature a nano-stage pixel shift mechanism based on a precise piezoelectric stage. This enables the standard resolution to be extended by four times to 115 million pixels at 1.3fps, or by nine times to 260 million pixels at 0.6fps. Colour versions provide true colour at full image resolution.

The VNP-29MC features a progressive scan interline transfer CCD imager with an integrated electronic shutter to provide excellent real time imaging performance. Camera features include flat field correction, field upgradable firmware and pixel defect correction.