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ZQ lasers

Z-Laser has released the re-designed ZQ family of laser sources. The new versions offer higher power and outstanding beam and laser line quality for projection variations including fibre, homogeneous lines, collimated beam and structured light.

The temperature-controlled laser source improves wavelength stability. The laser includes a graphical user interface for setting power and monitoring all relevant parameters, and thus can be completely remote-controlled.

The new ZQ2 high-precision laser source system boasts a bore sight accuracy of less than 3mrad and outputs up to 7,000mW at wavelengths between 600-1,100nm. The Z1000Q1-F-808 model provides an output of 1W at 808nm and is accurate to 300μm (FWHM; in 1,500mm focus), making it ideal for applications requiring high measuring resolutions. The internal design of the ZQ1 is laser-coupled with an integrated thermoelectric cooler that provides a high level of stability and minimum bore sight error.

Both products feature integrated optics, electronics and active temperature control in a self-contained enclosure. They support a variety of communication interfaces, including RS232, USB, Ethernet, and PLC, each of them galvanically isolated.


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