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Z3D/ZLP-Control and ZLP-Laser projector

Recognized by exhibition visitors and even the competitors, Z-LASER presented itself at this year’s CONTROL 2016 not only in a new look, but also only with new products. Thus there had been several tech-talks with leading automotive companies and suppliers.

The interest persists also through out the following days, mainly in the projection and measuring laser Z3D/ZLP-Control and the ZLP-Laser projector. Both Z-LASER products are primarily used in the processing of composite materials, but also at the alignment of components and the scanning of its surfaces. Thereby interesting contacts to the aerospace industry, the steel and metal processing industry and different branches arised. Potentially projects have been discussed.

Aside the ZLP laser projectors other possible applications of the machine vision lasers ZM18S3 (red), ZM18H3 (blue), the Z-Fiber, and the new OEM product line ZX has been presented. The ZX series is automatically manufactured by a robot, so that a constant quality and an optimal alignment of the optical units can be guaranteed. The optics and the stainless steel housing are laser mounted. Thus the transfer of the thermal emission, caused by the laser diode, is more effective and the longterm stability significantly enhanced.


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