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XT-6 X-ray inspection system

Matrix Technologies has released the XT-6 X-ray inspection system. The hexapod-manipulator can make detailed, extreme X-Ray transmission angles in a small space with maximum speed. It supports universal sample trays to allow for inspection of electronic components, complete modules, casting parts and medical implants. The system can be equipped with an automatic load/unload or for CT configuration.

The XT-6 allows flexible movements on all axes based on a parallel-kinematic hexapod manipulation unit. The six axes unit can be moved with one hand via space mouse navigator in a vertical and horizontal direction, and around 180°.

The setup is suitable for dimensions up to 400 x 400mm; an XL configuration for up to 550 x 550mm is optional. The system provides up to four X-Ray images per second in transmission mode. Analysis results are generated with the MIPS software platform with interfaces to all MIPS modules. The system is available with a Planar CT reconstruction setup and CT visualisation software.


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