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X3/X3+ x-ray inspection system

MatriX Technologies has introduced the inline 3D x-ray inspection system X3/X3+. X3 is the standard system, while X3+ has a triple detector setup for high throughput requirements.

The 3D software uses a dedicated number of angle projections for 3D reconstruction and based on that delivers the 3D slice images needed for high quality solder joint analysis. With the algebraic reconstruction method used, it is now possible to generate detailed, high resolution images for a reliable analysis with only a few projections.

The inspection machines are particularly suited to analysing double-sided PCB boards with high packing density. The generated slice images allow a separate 3D analysis for both sides of the board. Other interesting applications include the inspection of high power components with heat sinks, where single contact layers can be separated for void or solder wetting analysis.

The 3D system series uses the MIPS platform with links to all MIPS software modules for programming, classifying and verification. MIPS verify now supports the defect image verification with an extended 3D functionality. So the images of a defect can be displayed in different acquisition modes allowing comparison of transmission, angle shot and 3D slice image.


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