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XCT-2000i computed tomography system

MatriX Technologies has extended its AXI product portfolio with an inline CT solution for fully automatic serial inspection. Its inline computed tomography system XCT-2000i provides 100 per cent, non-destructive part inspection in serial production.

To guarantee optimum configuration for the given inspection task, the new CT inspection system XCT-2000i can be equipped with different x-ray tubes and state-of-the-art detectors. The system is completely integrated into the production line – including loading and unloading unit – and can be easily adapted to the process control and QS system of the customer. A fast cycle time of less than a minute including part handling as well as fully automatic good/bad decision and sorting, guarantees a high throughput avoiding bottlenecks in production. As a default the new inline system is equipped with the MIPS software platform for programming, classification and verification with interfaces to all MIPS modules.

The application range of inline CT covers among others non-destructive testing, classic defect inspection, but also measuring forms and structures (wall thickness or distances). The cross-sector technology with excellent price/performance ratio is applied across all industrial sectors, including food, medical products, light metal casting, ceramics, plastics, sensors, automotive, and aerospace.


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