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Xpectia FJ vision system

Omron has launched the Xpectia FJ vision system, featuring fast drag-and-drop programming, a choice of ready-made but easily customisable HMIs and a comprehensive library of time-saving macros. This powerful yet intuitive development environment is complemented by a wide choice of cameras, controllers and lighting systems.

The system provides more than 60 image processing and inspection items, which can be dragged-and-dropped to create the required inspection and measurement flow. Ready-made macros, for calculation and other functions, can be dragged into the flow in a similar way and for the infrequent occasions where the function needed is not included, users can develop their own algorithms using Microsoft Visual Studio and Omron’s Application Producer. The system is also compatible with MVTec’s Halcon library of algorithms.

In developing the user interface, users can choose from a library of buttons that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. In addition, up to eight independent screen layouts can be stored.

Controllers in the Xpectia FJ range use flash memory rather than hard disk drives. The controllers are Windows-based Open IPCs that are capable of running standard PC programs for functions such as additional data analysis or robot control. Integral Ethernet support means that Xpectia FJ systems are easy to interface with machines of all types.

The Xpectia FJ range offers a choice of more than 20 different digital cameras, including high speed and intelligent compact models. A wide choice of lighting units is also offered in the range, with lighting timing and power managed by the controller.


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