Ximea appoints Framos as distributor in North America

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Ximea, the globally acknowledged camera innovator and market leader for small form factor cameras, has selected Framos as their North American distributor.

Both Framos and Ximea are known for their technology affinity in conjunction with the ability for developing imaging solutions. – Solutions for challenges others considered unsolvable. Together, these two companies have the ideal skill set to enhance their customers' experience: jointly supporting device OEMs, plant equipment OEMs, system integrators with a team of researchers that are continually producing best of breed solutions for demanding imaging applications.

Sebastien Dignard, President of Framos Technologies Inc., explains how the new agreement creates the win-win (and –win) situation for Framos, Ximea, and in particular for their North American customers.

‘Ximea’s multifaceted product range is comprised of highly compact cameras of extremely small size and low power consumption. These cameras are available with a wide range of modern interfaces, such as Thunderbolt, USB, and PCIe – the different series are optimized for industrial automation, scientific imaging, hyperspectral imaging, or high-speed applications. Thus we are able to serve the North American customers in a variety of application and industry areas.’

Ximea's groundbreaking technology platforms allow for effective customization and contribute significantly to our own aims of enabling imaging innovations in North America. By the same token, our local engineering and sales teams are strategically positioned to handle technical consulting and logistics services. As per our model, we offer a direct link to XIMEA’s developers when needed to create a solid three-way partnership.’

Jürgen Hillmann, COO of Ximea GmbH comments, ‘over the last years our businesses and opportunities have increased considerably in North America. It is a very logical step to pair up with a company that understands our business and technology and thus serve the imaging community better. Especially with Framos' competence, we will also be considerably enhancing the solution spaces we can offer to our customers.’

This new Ximea and Framos partnership promises additional growth in the North American camera market in the upcoming years.