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sCMOS XiJ camera models

XIMEA adds new sCMOS camera models to their scientific grade camera series xiJ, including backside illuminated, cooled and high-speed cameras.

Continuous progress in scientific fields places ever higher demands on the tools used in various research application areas. To meet these increased requirements XIMEA has integrated the newest technologies improving the parameters important for the scientific community. This progress started with the introduction of the newest Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensors by Gpixel company, assembled mainly under GSENSE family. The XIMEA team chose to start with models based on GSENSE5130, GSENSE400, GSENSE6060 and especially GSENSE2020 including the BSI versions.

The main distinguishing features of the sCMOS sensors are their remarkable Dynamic range of up to 90 dB and exceptionally low noise down to 1 e-. With the BSI or Backside illuminated versions the sensor gets an additional boost in the Quantum efficiency in certain cases reaching 95% sensitivity. Present is also the HDR mode where for each pixel Low and High gain channels are readout with two 12 bit ADC samples resulting in merged 16 bit. This further allows to optimize the image quality output, either for the lowest noise or highest Full well capacity, saturation and other parameters.

To provide flexibility, XIMEA designed several camera versions for each sensor with some focused on the full speed potential and some on ultimate image properties. This was the reason to offer the cameras with Thermoelectric Peltier cooling or with a fast interface represented by the PCIe able to reach 20 Gbit/s and more. Therefore the models with high speed are oriented on Global shutter mode and models meant for low noise are optimized for the Rolling shutter. The cooled models are ideal for low light applications reducing dark noise during long exposure times, whereas PCIe models are perfect for rapid process capturing.


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