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XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 & Cheetah


XenICs has introduced two new digital, NIR, software-configurable cameras – XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 and Cheetah. Both are based on a thermoelectrically stabilised sensor array, and have a compact housing with the control and com­munication electronics. They are fitted with a C-mount for standard lenses, and have pixel availability of 90 per cent.


With its focal plane array in InGaAs technology (640 x 512 pixels), Cheetah covers the standard wavelength range of 0.9-1.7µm. It has up to 16Gb internal memory, and a recording time of almost 15s. Non-uniformity correction (NUC) occurs in the hardware or software, with up to 8 NUC files being stored in the camera.


Cheetah is available in three speed versions for 60, 400 and 1750fps and can be operated autonomously or via a PC. It is fitted with a snapshot electronic shutter, whose exposure time can be set from 1µs to 3ms (or 16ms with the 60Hz version). In addition, the camera can store videos in standard formats as well as 8-bit and 14-bit images in common formats.


The XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 covers the extended infrared wavelength range of 0.85-2.5µm. The camera is available in two versions for 60Hz and 100Hz frame rates. The 14-bit digital output is transferred via CameraLink. The cam­era is fitted with a snapshot shutter, which has an exposure time that can be set to up to 20ms.


The XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 is used with TE4 cooling down to 200K. The camera has a cool­ing time of under 300s, so it is ready for operation relatively quickly. The camera’s design protects against condensation.


The cameras can be used for a variety of applications, such as hyperspectral image capture and laser beam profiling, vision enhancement in automotive and airborne applications, and semiconductor inspection.


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